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Calgary law students

Knowledge Management and Technology

Knowledge Management
We are proud of our position as a leader in knowledge management. Our longstanding commitment to knowledge management distinguishes us from other Canadian business law firms. We want our clients to benefit from our collective legal experience, and we work to ensure our lawyers and students have immediate and easy access to the firm's significant intellectual capital.

Our students benefit from:

  • A group of full-time KM lawyers who develop leading edge precedents, keep our students and lawyers up to date on recent legal developments, provide advice on complex issues, and work with our students and lawyers to develop their analytical and drafting skills.
  • A collection of cutting-edge precedents, reflecting the latest legal and business developments, as well as a legal research collection with over 10,000 documents.
  • An extensive electronic and print library collection, with a friendly and professional library team providing the training, reference and research support needed to make the best use of it.
  • STELLA, an innovative portal-based intranet, and STELLA KM, our in-house, faceted, searchable knowledge management system. STELLA and STELLA KM provide our students and lawyers access to all of our in-house resources in a contextualized manner, organized by practice group, legal topic and industry.

We have a very strong commitment to technology. Keeping our technology strategy aligned with the firm's business strategy ensures that our lawyers have all the tools they need to best serve their clients. The firm's unified communications and mobile technology solutions provide remote access to the firm's resources (applications, data, knowledge and people) from anywhere at any time.