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At Stikeman Elliott, we are immensely proud of the role that women lawyers play at the firm - both as role models and as leaders in their areas of practice. We recognize that each student, associate and partner is unique and that each woman brings with her unique experiences and perspectives to the practice of law. We encourage this diversity in our women lawyers (and in all our lawyers) and know our clients do too.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of providing resources to support our women collectively and to assist with their individual career goals. We currently have a range of initiatives in place to enhance the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the firm that encompass leadership and business development programs for women, as well as policies and programs to support family obligations and work-life balance.

Some of our specific programs and policies include:

  • marketing and business development events for women;

  • skills training focussed on helping women develop and build their practices, including public speaking, communication and team/project management (a number of our female associates attended the Rotman School of Management intensive course on Business Leadership for Women Lawyers);

  • individual career and business development coaching;

  • mentor programs involving both women and men as mentors for women;

  • group networking and events for women clients;

  • training for interviewers, mentors and new hires which includes sensitivity to gender and diversity issues;

  • written policies on maternity leave, flexible hours arrangements, and harassment and discrimination;

  • individual transition coaching for women returning from maternity leave

  • a home technology stipend for all lawyers and students, together with state-of-the-art remote access and after-hours technical support and administrative assistance available to those working from home

  • an active Diversity & Inclusion Committee and an ongoing commitment across our Students, Associates, Management and Diversity & Inclusion Committees to gathering feedback and continuously improving all of our programs and support

Our Sub-Committee on Women's Initiatives, which is comprised of male and female members from our Diversity & Inclusion, Students, Associates and Management committees, is focused on staying on top of issues important to our female lawyers and developing programs to help them succeed at the firm.

Our percentage of women equity partners remains well above average among other national law firms and women hold leadership positions within our office as practice group leaders, Committee Chairs, members of our Partnership Board and Management Committee, as well as at the highest levels of management.

In addition, 40% of our current students and associates are women, and we are committed to providing all possible opportunities to help our women advance at the firm. In addition to their dynamic legal practices, our women lawyers are committed to the community, their families (75% of our women partners have children), pro bono work and other outside interests and pursuits. We encourage you to speak to our female lawyers about their individual practices and experiences at the firm.

Thanks to our inclusive culture, which includes our Women's Initiatives program, Stikeman Elliott is able to attract and retain a diverse and talented team, which means that our clients can expect the most innovative thinking and problem-solving available from Canada's best and brightest.