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As an integral part of the corporate practice at Stikeman Elliott, the Joint Ventures Group has been involved in structuring, negotiating, documenting and closing joint ventures and strategic alliances, from the simple to the complex, in virtually every industry sector, Canadian and international, public and private. We believe that our commitment to the highest possible service levels and quality, along with our experience, can add value to any proposed joint venture or strategic alliances. Our service offerings include providing advice on:

  • Forms of joint ventures, including the use of Nova Scotia Unlimited Liability Companies in cross-border joint ventures, limited partnerships and co-ownership structures
  • Exit strategies, including the recent use of income trusts as an exit strategy
  • Governance models, including the creative use of an alternative voting mechanisms
  • Using different classes and series of shares for economic and control purposes
  • Complying with foreign ownership and similar constraints through charter/by-law/and contractual provisions
  • Recent case law, such as consent requirements for indirect transfers of control, non-competition covenants and indemnities and limitation of liabilities

Companies are increasingly turning to joint ventures and strategic alliances as a means to grow their market share and diversify their product or service offerings. Partnering with another company provides many advantages, such as enhancing a client's distribution capacity or streamlining production methods, but there are risks associated with this type of arrangement. Stikeman Elliott provides advice on how to form alliances that increase returns while ensuring that technology and other interests are protected.

Planning, negotiating and implementing the appropriate form of joint venture or other strategic alliance is vital. Our technology lawyers have extensive experience in guiding clients through the relationship-structuring phase and corresponding issues, such as corporate governance, financing, intellectual property ownership and licensing, management controls, profit distribution, tax structuring, dispute resolution and exit strategies.

We have helped companies in the computing, electronics, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, transportation and media industries, among others, to organize joint ventures and achieve various goals, such as sharing proprietary technical information and developing new products.

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