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Stikeman Elliott is a highly experienced and respected contributor in the Aboriginal law landscape with expertise capable of guiding the critical issues unique to each region across Canada. The firm has acted in respect of Métis, Inuit, First Nations and other Aboriginal interests in relation to a broad range of matters, including property and infrastructure development, joint ventures with the private sector, financing, tax and litigation. Our work includes the assessment and strategic management of Aboriginal issues for project developers, partnering and joint venture arrangements, as well as acting for major Aboriginal groups.

Our Unique Value

  • We are at the cutting edge of the new era of Aboriginal engagement from Coast to Coast to Coast. In British Columbia, we are acting on all the modern-day First Nations treaties, including the next two in line to be finalized. Also in Western Canada, we have acted on two matters that have forged new ground in Aboriginal economic development in Canada and created models for future empowerment and tangible participation. In Ontario and Québec, we act for a range of players including developers and Aboriginal groups, in partnerships, consultations and meaningful engagements regarding the growth of infrastructure, energy production and natural resource extraction in each province. In Northern Canada, we are assisting a major diamond mining company in relations with First Nations, Métis and Inuit communities.

  • We have been trusted to work with all players involved in a transaction, including Aboriginal groups, private sector clients, and government. The firm has acted for and opposite Aboriginal communities in negotiations with government authorities and major private sector stakeholders, as well as in court proceedings to determine Aboriginal rights.

  • We have consultation experience in the full range of industry sectors. The firm has acted in the negotiation and drafting of impact benefit and benefit sharing agreements in a variety of industries, including mining, forestry, infrastructure, oil and gas, and renewable energy. We have tremendous experience in the development sector specifically - in partnerships with Aboriginal groups, deals with Aboriginal groups, and acting for Aboriginal groups.

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