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Intellectual Property
Stikeman Elliott's Intellectual Property Group handles the full range of copyright matters on behalf of its clients, whether the works consist of computer software or more traditional forms of copyright such as movies, books, paintings or sculptures. We assist our clients with registration matters, title searching, document recordal and exploitation of copyright rights through commercial agreements (licenses, distribution agreements etc.). We also advise on, and litigate, copyright infringement matters and provide opinions on copyrightability, security interests and ownership issues. With respect to the latter, we are frequently called upon to advise on ownership disputes between companies and their employees and independent contractors concerning ownership of inventions and confidential information. Members of the IP Group have also appeared before the Copyright Board of Canada on matters relating to, among other things, retransmission royalties payable by cable companies, the jurisdiction of the Board over internet television "broadcasting," and levies payable on blank recording media (the latter levy having an aggregate value in excess of $20 million per annum).

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