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Community Involvement and Pro Bono

Stikeman Elliott actively encourages firm member volunteerism through a number of programs that support their community involvement activities. These include:

  • Firm matching donations for volunteer work: The firm will make a donation for each hour of volunteer work completed by staff, law clerks, associates and articling students for a registered charity up to $600/year/person;
  • Firm matching donations for charitable board membership: The firm will match donations of up to $5,000/year/person for firm members who sit on charitable boards and who also make a financial contribution;
  • Grass roots initiatives: The firm offers support for members who take the lead in organizing and promoting firm member involvement, which could include the provision of tee shirts, boardroom use, email coordination and financial support; and
  • Pro bono legal advice: The firm fully supports the provision of pro bono legal services and our lawyers have a history of pro bono work for a number of Canadian organizations.

Learn more about our Community and Pro Bono initiatives.

Diversity Initiatives

Stikeman Elliott is committed to diversity amongst its lawyers, students, and staff and we want to ensure that all firm members are supported, valued and respected. In his address about the firm's defining principles at our 50th Anniversary Retreat, Dick Pound encouraged us to: "Never lose sight of the need for diversity among us. We will need the broadest range of talents and backgrounds as we face a national and international future. Embrace and seek out differences; do not reject them."

As part of our commitment, our Diversity Committee, which consists of partners, associates, and firm management members, meets monthly to discuss our ongoing initiatives. Within the firm, we support our students and lawyers from diverse communities through initiatives that include: our mentorship program; informal lunches with Diversity Committee members; career development sessions; regular reviews of our internal processes and policies to ensure that they are in line with diversity principles; multicultural themed events; and diversity-related sessions with our various student and lawyer groups.

The firm is also involved in several outreach initiatives as part of our ongoing commitment to diversity in the legal profession. Our lawyers regularly visit law and high schools to speak about law and diversity issues, we invite members of such groups to visit our firm to meet with our lawyers, and we also provide funding to student and community groups that support diversity in the profession. We are currently actively involved with the Pathways to Education Program by engaging in the following: inviting Pathways high school students to visit the firm for organized tours; mentoring students in the programme; hiring Pathways high school students for administrative summer positions; and, sponsoring Pathways events.

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Women's Initiatives

At Stikeman Elliott, we are immensely proud of the role that women lawyers play at the firm - both as role models and as leaders in their areas of practice. We recognize that each student, associate and partner is unique and that each woman brings with her unique experiences and perspectives to the practice of law. We encourage this diversity in our women lawyers (and in all our lawyers) and know our clients do too.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of providing resources to support our women collectively and to assist with their individual career goals. We currently have a range of initiatives in place to enhance the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in the firm that encompass both leadership/business development programs for women, as well as policies and programs to support family obligations and work-life balance.

Learn more about our Women's Initiatives.

Knowledge Management and Technology

Knowledge Management

At Stikeman Elliott, we are proud of our position as a leader in knowledge management. Our longstanding commitment to knowledge management distinguishes us from other Canadian business law firms. We want our clients to benefit from our collective legal experience, and we work to ensure our lawyers have immediate and easy access to the firm's significant intellectual capital.

Our associates benefit from:

  • A group of full-time KM lawyers who develop leading edge precedents, keep our students and lawyers up to date on recent legal developments, provide advice on complex issues, and work with our students and lawyers to develop their analytical and drafting skills.
  • A collection of cutting-edge precedents, reflecting the latest legal and business developments, as well as a legal research collection with over 10,000 documents.
  • An extensive electronic and print library collection, with a friendly and professional library team providing the training, reference and research support needed to make the best use of it.
  • STELLA KM, our in-house, faceted, searchable knowledge management system, which provides our students and lawyers access to all of our in-house resources in a contextualized way, and organized and by practice group, legal topic and industry.


We have a very strong commitment to technology. Keeping our technology strategy aligned with the firm's business strategy ensures that our lawyers have all the tools they need to best serve their clients. The firm's unified communications and mobile technology solutions provide remote access to the firm's resources (applications, data, knowledge and people) from anywhere at any time.


The Environment

Stikeman Elliott's GoingGreen program is part of our ongoing effort to build environmental awareness among firm members to achieve measurable results in the areas of waste reduction, recycling and energy efficiency. Launched in 2008, the program involves the firm wide implementation of market-leading environmental best practices, coordinated by a Green Committee in each office, with membership from a broad cross section of firm members.

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