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Associate Career Development

At Stikeman Elliott, we are committed to the continuous development and education of our lawyers and students. We believe that this is best achieved by a mix of "hands-on" experience and formal training, as well as strong formal and informal mentoring relationships. 

"On the Job" One-on-One Training

By far your greatest opportunities for learning occur on the files in which you are involved. With "on the job" training, you gain experience by participating in a meaningful way in a range of client files. You'll observe what more experienced lawyers do, and will also get the chance to act on feedback and "on the fly" directions that you'll get from the lawyers with whom you are working. As a result, we feel that the best "training" is to work on a variety of matters with different lawyers in your first few years.

Professional Development Program

To supplement your "on the job" learning, we host numerous CLE sessions throughout the year and develop substantive seminars tailored to the needs of our associates at various stages in their careers. We have developed extensive orientation, development and skills-based training programs and work continuously on improving them in order to ensure that they are up-to-date and relevant to our lawyers and students.


Our mentor system is a key element of our associate training and development. Each associate usually has two mentors: a mid-level or senior associate and a partner. Your mentors' key role is to periodically monitor your workload, ensure that you are getting the type of work and experience you seek, and to offer advice to help guide the development of your career. In addition to their formal mentors, our associates quickly develop a vast network of informal mentoring relationships which provide them with valuable insight and guidance throughout their career.

Our Director of Professional Resources

Nicole Lecours, our Director of Professional Resources, oversees the recruitment, training, development, evaluation and remuneration of our associates.

The Director of Professional Resources:  

  • Oversees the hiring of all lateral associates to fill the needs of the firm's various practice areas and departments. 
  • Performs semi-annual evaluation of all associates: The mid-year or "informal" evaluation takes place in August and the year-end or "formal" review takes place in February. 
  • Reviews compensation for associates.
  • Recommends associates for partnership.