Articling & Summer Programs
Ottawa law students

Our Ottawa office recruits articling students independently of the other offices. Articling with our office will appeal to students who wish to be exposed to areas of federal regulatory law, including such areas as intellectual property, competition, telecommunications and broadcasting and international trade, as well as those students interested in litigation, with a particular focus on intellectual property and public law litigation.

Generally, we hire three to four articling students and between one and three summer students each year. French language ability is an asset, and prior law and government related work experience is also valued. We provide an opportunity to work in an office that is relatively small in numbers with the benefits of a large, international full-service firm. We are fully integrated with our other offices.

The Mentor System
Each student in the Ottawa office is assigned a mentor at the beginning of his or her articles to help manage workload, ensure a well-rounded articling experience, and to answer the many questions, both professional and personal, that tend to arise over the articling period.

Workload and Responsibility
We give what we believe to be an unusually high degree of individual responsibility to our articling students in the expectation that initiative, maturity and practice skills will develop more rapidly. This approach extends to our treatment of workload allocation. We don't have a system whereby all of your work is funnelled through your mentor or a workload co-ordinator. You are free to seek out and accept work when you have time from any lawyer in the office. This means that you must take some responsibility for monitoring your own workload and exposure to different areas of the law during your articles.

Salary and Benefits
Our current articling student salary is $44,000 per year (pro-rated for the 10-month period) plus related employment benefits such as an extended health care and dental plan. In addition, the firm will pay tuition fees up to a maximum of $4,000 to third year law students who commit to complete their articles with us. The Firm will also pay tuition and the articling student salary for all students during the skills and professional responsibility program and during study periods for the licensing examinations of the Bar Admission Course, regardless of hireback decisions. Articling students are paid for two weeks of vacation in accordance with the Law Society's guidelines; summer students for one week. Articling students also receive a subsidy for a fitness membership, including the initiation fee and 50% of the monthly fitness membership fee, to a maximum of $500. Summer students are provided with this benefit pro-rated for their term.