Our Students
Calgary law students

We encourage prospective students to speak to our present articling students to learn more about their experience in the Calgary office of Stikeman Elliott.

2016/2017 Articling Students
Hersh Gupta (University of Alberta)
Meaghan Simister (University of Ottawa)
Stephen Wintermute (Dalhousie)
Kayla Zachariassen (Queen's University)
2017 Summer Students
Andrew Bentz (University of Alberta)
Natalie Holtby (University of Calgary)
Jordan Magidson (University of Calgary)
Gordon Masson (University of Toronto)
Sakshi Sharma (Queen's University)
Maja Zdravkovic (University of Calgary)

A few of our students provided their thoughts on working at Stikeman Elliott:

Q: If you had to describe Stikeman Elliott in one word, what would it be?

A: Exceptional.

A: Engaging.

A: Unmatched.

Q: What would you say are the top three reasons to join Stikeman Elliott?

A: High degree of international work.

A: Excellent training, interesting work and great people.

A: I was an analyst at General Electric prior to joining Stikeman, and in my past role I always saw them as the best legal firm to work with. I wanted to join the firm because they worked on the biggest deals, but also had an intimate size and feel within the office.

Q: What surprised you most about the firm during the recruitment process?

A: How seriously they take the process and how involved and engaged everyone is, which is reflected in how the firm treats its students.

A: I was surprised at how flexible the firm is. I had unusual timing circumstances with the remainder of my education and the recruiters were willing to accommodate my schedule and take me on later than the usual cycle.

A: Everyone was honest and straightforward about Stikeman Elliott and what the firm does. I've found all of the information during the recruitment process to be one hundred percent true since working here.

Q: What surprised you most about the firm after you joined?

A: Just how much your initiative pays off. As a junior, you're given every chance to succeed.

A: The extent to how much help I've received in order to learn. As a student, my colleagues ensure that I receive all the education I need.

A: How much responsibility you can assume as a junior in the firm, including a significant amount of client interaction.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere at the firm?

A: Incredibly positive, friendly and engaging.

A: One that allows you to you challenge yourself.

A: Incredibly friendly. Everyone will usually go out of their way to help you with any problem you might have.

Q: What has been your best experience at Stikeman Elliott so far?

A: Getting to work on high profile transactions. It's exciting to look at the front page of the newspaper and read about a deal you're involved in.

A: I'd actually say that it's been nice to just be a part of a skilled team who will immediately bring you into the fold and allow you to take on as much responsibility as you would like.

A: It's not one specific experience, but rather, being given an incredibly difficult assignment that I have no idea how to do, then leaving at the end of the day having solved the problem. It is a very satisfying and gratifying feeling.

Q: What's the most interesting file you've been involved in since joining the firm?

A: A transaction involving two large oil and gas industry players and being the only junior involved.

A: Without getting too specific - working on a joint venture into the Canadian Oil Sands with Asian entities, or a corporate reorganization, which involved the transfer of intellectual property.

A: A private equity deal which moved fast, involving a highly sophisticated client who had a clear idea of how they wanted things done. It was interesting to watch how we accommodated the clients' requests on such a short timeline.

Q: What has been your favourite social event at the firm?

A: The Banff Retreat, for sure.

A: Stampede - It's a week of beautiful weather and networking.

A: I enjoyed our Banff Retreat, Stampede events and American Thanksgiving Tailgate Party. My favourite is the lawyers' Friday morning basketball games.

Q: If you know of any, what myth about Stikeman Elliott do you most want to dispel?

A: The myth of Stikeman having only academically-focused people.

A: The myth that bigger firms are impersonal and all work, no fun. We work hard but we also enjoy many social events and a friendly, personable atmosphere in the office.

Q: Any general comments/thoughts about your experiences with the firm, the culture, the quality of work, the teams, your group, etc.

A: So far my experience through summering and articling has far exceeded my expectations. I quickly realized this opportunity has reached beyond that of many of my peers at other firms in Calgary.

A: I'm a firm believer that to be the best, or an expert in your field, you have to surround yourself with the best. Everyone at Stikeman Elliott is incredibly intelligent, hardworking, and determined. As such, I am constantly learning and challenged on a daily basis. I can't think of any more important factors when considering a potential career.

A: I would just reiterate that the experience has been outstanding and that it's a great group of articling students. I've come from thousands of miles away but the atmosphere feels as though I'm still at home in New Brunswick.

A: Overall I've been very impressed with my experience at the firm. It's been a fantastic learning opportunity and I've been fortunate to be involved in a lot of great files.