Calgary law students

What are you looking for in the students you hire?
We are looking for bright, engaged, and self-motivated people who show a real interest in our practice, together with excellent team skills, judgment, work ethic and leadership skills. We embrace diversity and a broad range of talents and backgrounds, and look for people who enjoy a high level of responsibility and teamwork, work hard, and will add to the texture of our firm.

What distinguishes your firm from other firms?
We are a young firm both in age and in spirit. We have mandates of the highest quality. We are entrepreneurial and give our students and associates opportunities to work with stimulating colleagues in a team environment on national and international files. We encourage our students and associates to take on a lot of responsibility early in their career, with the firm supplying top-notch support with a minimum of hierarchy and structure.

How many articling students do you hire?
Each year we typically have an articling group of 4-5 students.

How many summer students do you hire?
For the summer of 2016, we hired three second year students and three first year students. For the summer of 2017 we hired four second year students and the first year recruit is in February of 2017.

What is your hireback record for articling students?
Our hireback record has always been excellent and, while there is no guaranteed hireback, we expect our hireback ratios will continue to be high going forward. We spend a great deal of time and effort selecting students that we believe share our passion, commitment and ideas. This is reflected in our exceptional hireback record.

What international opportunities are available at Stikeman Elliott?
We generally staff our foreign offices (New York, London, Sydney) with lawyers from our domestic offices, with one or two opportunities on average arising throughout the firm every year. In 2015 we had one associate who spent four months in our Toronto office and one articling student who spent four months in our London office.

What sort of continuing legal education programs do you have for students?
We have a comprehensive Professional Development Program for articling and summer students. We offer intensive in-house CLE seminars that are put on by our lawyers, as well as selected educational seminars offered by external organizations we invite to the firm. We send our articling students to Toronto for a two day training session at the beginning of each articling year. We also encourage our students to attend CBA luncheons and relevant external courses.

Can I contact students or lawyers at the firm?
We encourage you to get in touch with our current students listed on our website to hear from them about what it's like to be a student at Stikeman Elliott Calgary. Please also feel free to contact Nicole Lecours, our Director of Professional Resources.

What is the typical workload for associates?
The firm assumes a rough budget of 1,800 billable hours for each associate.

What do I need to include as part of my application? Should I send my application by email, fax or mail?
Your application package should include a cover letter, resume, photocopies of official transcripts from all post-secondary education programs attended, list of upper year courses being taken, grading scale of law school (if available) and reference letter(s) (optional). Please send your application through the online portal or as directed by your school.

When will I hear from you once I've submitted an application?
Once we receive your application, we will send you an acknowledgement of your application by email. For summer student candidates, your law school will inform you directly about whether you will be meeting us during OCI's (unless your law school requests that we contact you directly).

When will offers be communicated by Stikeman Elliott for articling or summer student positions?
Stikeman Elliott follows the recruitment guidelines set by the Law Society of Alberta and, as such, we will not communicate that we are making an offer to you prior to the date and time prescribed.