Articling Program
Vancouver law students

We are not accepting applications for 2018 - 2019 articling student positions, as we expect our 2017 summer students will be returning to article.

The focus of our articling program is flexibility and hands-on learning and training. We provide you with the option of obtaining a broad exposure to several practice areas over your articling term or focusing your interests on a few particular practice areas - all of which will encourage your growth and development.

Some of the highlights of our articling program include:

Flexibility of the Rotation System: We give you the opportunity to "design your own articles" at the firm. We don't have formal rotations during your articling year, so you can have a varied work experience or focus on one practice area, depending on your interests (and subject to the needs of the office and the Law Society of BC's Articling Skills and Practice Checklist).

Mentorship Program: We view our mentorship program as being a cornerstone to our articling program. You'll be matched with a principal from your practice area of interest. Your principal works with you, provides you with ongoing guidance, and helps you to manage a diverse workload to gain a well-rounded articling experience.

Work Allocation and Responsibility: You'll get lots of responsibility which will help you to develop your practice skills and knowledge of law and be supported by top notch people and technological resources. Much of your work will come from your principal and from the lawyers from whom you seek out work. You'll meet every other week as a group with the Director of Associate and Student Programs to discuss workload, and will discuss work with your principal as well, which will help you to maintain a balanced workload.

Continuing Legal Education Program: We have a CLE program for articling students that includes: in-house seminars, seminars conducted by external organizations we invite to the firm, and a practice area lunch series with students and lawyers. Our CLE programming helps you gain important legal and practical skills.

Evaluation Process: You'll receive formal feedback twice during the articling term. The Director of Associate and Student Programs collects review feedback from the lawyers you have worked with and then meets with each student to discuss the feedback. The lawyers you're working with will also provide you with ongoing, informal feedback, which will assist with your continued development. At the end of the articling year, we ask you to evaluate your articling experience, which helps the firm to continually improve our articling program.

Knowledge Management (KM): Students have access to an innovative portal-based intranet, searchable KM system, cutting-edge precedents and an extensive electronic and print library collection.

Articling Compensation and Benefits

Salary: Our articling compensation philosophy is to pay our students at the forefront of our market. Currently, our articling students are paid $50,000 per year.

Technology: We pay for and provide a BlackBerry to all articling students for their use during their time working with us.

Vacation: Articling students receive two weeks paid vacation.

PLTC: We pay all costs of the PLTC program for our students, as well as paying full salary during attendance at PLTC.

Fitness Membership: The firm will pay up to $600 for health club membership fees or other similar fitness-related expenses.

Health Care/Dental Plan: Articling students receive an extended health care and dental plan.