Frequently Asked Questions
Vancouver law students

What are you looking for in the students you hire?
We are looking for bright, engaged, and self-motivated people who show a real interest in our practice, together with excellent team skills, judgment, work ethic and leadership skills. We embrace diversity and a broad range of talents and backgrounds, and look for people who enjoy a high level of responsibility and teamwork, work hard, and will add to the texture of our firm.

What distinguishes your firm from other firms?
We are a young firm both in age and in spirit. We have mandates of the highest quality. We are entrepreneurial and give our students and associates opportunities to work with stimulating colleagues in a team environment on national and international files. We encourage our students and associates to take on lots of responsibility early in their career, with the firm supplying top-notch support with a minimum of hierarchy and structure. We embrace diversity, value a broad range of talents and backgrounds, and encourage you to be yourself.

How many articling students do you hire?
For the 2017-2018 articling year we will have four students. Please note that we are not accepting applications for 2018-2019 articling student positions, as we expect that our 2017 summer students will be returning to article.

How many summer students do you hire?
We typically hire approximately 3 - 4 summer students. For the summer of 2017 we have four summer students.

What sort of continuing legal education programs do you have for students?
Summer students attend the Student Skills Retreat weekend in the Toronto office, in the form of a comprehensive CLE program which offers hands-on assignments, as well as seminars covering basic legal processes and issues students may expect to encounter. In addition, students attend in-house continuing legal education seminars offered by other firm lawyers, as well as selected educational seminars offered by the Canadian Bar Association and other organizations.

Does the firm do pro bono work and how is the firm involved in the community?
Yes, Stikeman Elliott has a long tradition of pro bono and community service work. We have a Community Involvement/Pro Bono Committee and our initiatives provide support and opportunities for members of the firm to become actively involved in their communities. For more information about our community involvement and pro bono initiatives, please click here.

Does the firm have an environmental program?
Yes, Stikeman Elliott has a Green Committee and our "GoingGreen" Program is part of our continuing effort to reduce the environmental impact of our day-to-day operations which involves a firm-wide implementation of market-leading environmental best practices. For more information about our environmental initiatives, please click here.

What are your Maternity and Paternity Leave Policies?
Any associate may take a leave up to the maximum period permitted by law. For maternity leave, Stikeman Elliott provides 17-weeks' paid maternity benefits; two weeks at 100% and 15 weeks' top-up of EI benefits such that the associate receives an amount equal to 100% of her salary at the time the maternity leave commences. We also offer 4 weeks' paid paternity leave top-up benefits to our new fathers or non-birth spouses.

How can I go about getting a tour of the firm?
We are happy to have student groups visit the firm and learn more about our practice areas. For firm tours, we like to have a group size of at least 5-6 students. Unfortunately, we are unable to organize individual firm tours. To request a firm tour, please contact Carol Chestnut, Director of Associate and Student Programs, by phone: (604) 631-1364 or by e-mail at

How can I find out more information about Stikeman Elliott's Student Programs?
For more information, please contact Carol Chestnut, Director of Associate and Student Programs, by phone: (604) 631-1364 or by e-mail at