Support Staff & Services

In addition to our lawyers and about 20 paralegals, the Montréal office has a support staff of approximately 200 people. This staff provides secretarial, IT, accounting, marketing and communication, business development, human resources, word processing, translation and other services.

Law clerks in the corporate/commercial, real estate, litigation and securities areas assist us with respect to the incorporation of companies, maintenance of company records, preparation and filing of disclosure and other documents, preparation of basic corporate, securities and real estate documents and corporate, real estate and related searches as well as preparation of court documents.

Our library is a self-sufficient facility maintained by experienced librarians and technicians. It contains all major Quebec and Canadian law reports, as well as an extensive collection of internal and CD-ROM databases, legislation and major Quebec and Canadian law periodicals and law reviews. We also subscribe to the "Azimut," "Quicklaw" and "Lexis/Nexis" computer systems for convenient access to recent legal decisions and to Infomart and other important databases. Students, articling students and lawyers also have desktop access to "Azimut," the Internet and "Quicklaw" and to an extensive collection of internal and CD-ROM databases as well as legislation.