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Calina, Vlad A.Toronto(416) 869-5202Lawyer
Cameron, Glenn Calgary(403) 266-9011Consultant
Cameron, Gordon N.New York(212) 845-7464Lawyer
Cameron, Matthew Toronto(416) 869-6841Lawyer
Camiré, Stéphanie Montréal(514) 397-3354Paralegal
Carelli, Robert Montréal(514) 397-2408Lawyer
Carmona, Eric Toronto(416) 869-5597Lawyer
Carobene, Johanna Montréal(514) 397-3208Paralegal
Caron, Vincent Montréal(514) 397-3264Student
Carrothers, Marc-William Montréal(514) 397-6489Lawyer
Carruthers, Stuart S.Toronto(416) 869-5600Lawyer
Castiel, Peter Montréal(514) 397-3272Lawyer
Catenacci, Christina Toronto(416) 869-7068Law Clerk
Cathcart, Alison M.Calgary(403) 781-9176Lawyer
Cerone, Candace Montréal(514) 397-3249Student
Chahine, Sarah Montréal(514) 397-3213Student
Chalmers, Kathryn I.Toronto(416) 869-5544Lawyer
Champagne, Antoine Montréal(514) 397-3656Lawyer
Chan, Andrew Toronto(416) 869-5246Lawyer
Chan, Gawain K. W.New York(212) 845-7481Lawyer
Chantzis, Maria Montréal(514) 397-3263Paralegal
Chao, Amy Montréal(514) 397-3103Lawyer
Charbonneau, Maxime Montréal(514) 397-6479Lawyer
Chatwin, Keith R.Calgary(403) 266-9088Lawyer
Chea, Malen Calgary(403) 508-9255Paralegal
Chen, Kevin Toronto(416) 869-5563Lawyer
Cheng, Jonathan S.Toronto(416) 869-6807Lawyer
Chestnut, Carol Vancouver(604) 631-1364Director, Associate and Student Programs
Chevalier, Kathleen Toronto(416) 869-6851Lawyer
Chubb, Timothy S.Toronto(416) 869-5206Lawyer
Ciardullo, John Toronto(416) 869-5235Lawyer
Cina, Vince Toronto(416) 869-7760Director, Application Development and Support
Clarke, Gary T.Calgary(403) 266-9001Lawyer
Clusiau, Vanessa Montréal(514) 397-3303Student
Cobb, Larry Toronto(416) 869-5618Lawyer
Cohen, Daniel Montréal(514) 397-3018Lawyer
Cohen, Shari Toronto(416) 869-5680Lawyer
Coiteux, Vanessa Montréal(514) 397-3681Lawyer
Collins, Paul Toronto(416) 869-5577Lawyer
Comeau, France Montréal(514) 397-3233Translation
Copen, Logan Toronto(416) 869-5644Lawyer
Corbett, Leland P.Calgary(403) 266-9046Lawyer
Cornacchia, Cara Toronto(416) 869-6836Lawyer
Corney, Patrick Toronto(416) 869-5668Lawyer
Coulombe, Marc-André Montréal(514) 397-3395Lawyer
Crago, Lynda J.Toronto(416) 869-7048Law Clerk
Crimeni, Angela Vancouver(604) 631-1450Lawyer
Cromp-Lapierre, Laurence Montréal(514) 397-3134Lawyer
Cullen, Derek D.Toronto(416) 869-7793Director, IT Infrastructure and Operations
Cullen, Peter J.Montréal(514) 397-3135Lawyer
Cunliffe, Tanya Toronto(416) 869-7790Law Clerk
Cunningham, Andrew S.Toronto(416) 869-7779Lawyer
Currie, Michael Toronto(416) 869-5581Lawyer
Cusinato, Curtis A.Toronto(416) 869-5221Lawyer
Custodio, Kevin AnthonyMontréalLawyer
Cuthbert, Lorna A.Toronto(416) 869-5237Lawyer

Results 1 to 56