Career Development

The training and support to achieve your ambitions

We are invested in your success at every stage in your career

As a Stikeman Elliott associate, your development opportunities are limitless. We will provide all the tools and resources you need to advance and evolve your career.

We focus on the whole lawyer, working with associates to advance their careers by building client service, business development and leadership skills at every level, all the way through to partnership. At the outset of your career, the emphasis is on developing a well-rounded skill set. Then, as you progress, you will drive the growth of your practice and the development of your areas of expertise.

A development program that goes beyond traditional CLE training

Stikeman Elliott takes a bespoke approach to training and career development. In addition to a formal program of skills development and practice support sessions, associates can also pick and choose from an extensive menu of additional learning opportunities. Each element of the program is designed to give you the tools and understanding to move to the next stage of your career, secure in the knowledge that you have the skills to succeed.

Our broad and comprehensive CLE program is delivered in a variety of formats. In-house seminars are taught by subject-matter experts, including Stikeman Elliott partners, associates and invited guest speakers. We offer extensive orientation, development and skills-based training programs and schedule regular practice group meetings for all lawyers.

Mentorship is a key element of our culture

The Stikeman Elliott emphasis on coaching not only supports your career development, it ensures that new hires are fully integrated into the fabric of the firm. Associates have the opportunity to participate in our Mentoring Program and be matched with a partner, who will periodically check in to monitor your workload and offer practical guidance as you navigate your career. In addition to these formal mentor relationships, any of your other colleagues will always be happy to offer the benefit of their perspective on an informal basis. Associates in our Calgary office have an additional resource in Nicole Lecours, our Director of Professional Resources, who is always available to offer support and advice.

Associates also contribute to the development of future generations of Stikeman Elliott colleagues by acting as mentors to students.

Feedback is integral to our associate programs

We sit down for in-depth performance reviews twice a year so that you have personalized ongoing and constructive feedback about your skill development, next steps and career development. Nicole Lecours, our Director of Professional Resources meets with each associate and their mentor for an informal evaluation in August and a formal year-end review in February. And the feedback doesn’t just flow in one direction – we solicit input from our associates and regularly use your suggestions to enhance our work culture and client service best practices.