Culture of Excellence

This is a place where you can achieve your goals

Stikeman Elliott is the firm for people who aspire to live up to their full potential. Our people are engaged and empowered. Everyone here strives to be their best.

Where individual achievement is celebrated

Our highly engaged employees often stay with the firm for 10, 15 or even 20 years – milestones that we are proud to recognize. In fact, an annual bonus program is our way of thanking and recognizing individual and daily commitment to excellence.

Where we invest in your ongoing skills development

One aspect of our approach that sets Stikeman Elliott apart is the value and support placed on continuous learning for all members of the firm. We offer a full suite of ongoing training and skills-building opportunities and encourage growth through stretch assignments.

Our commitment to identifying and encouraging exemplary employees has led to an excellent record of promoting from within.

Where we recognize our employees

The annual Stikeman Elliott Awards of Excellence Gala aims to recognize the merit of members of the Montréal office. This recognition event celebrates the professional accomplishments and career milestones of the firm's committed staff.

Josée Galarneau Josée Galarneau has been working daily with various members of the office in her role as general agent for the past five years. She is described as a professional who is always smiling, and is known for being proactive and meticulous – two of the many qualities that warrant her the 2019 Excellence Award.
Farlene BarthelemyFarlene Barthelemy is a paralegal who specializes in securities law. Winner of the 2019 "Going the extra mile" award, Farlene is dedicated and always available. Her willingness to help and her passion for learning make her an outstanding colleague with whom it is a privilege to work.
Alounsak Phithaksounthone Alounsak Phithaksounthone, better known as Zak, is the winner of the 2019 "Respect" award. Zak has been a service attendant at Stikeman Elliott for several years, and is known for his impeccable ethics. He is described by his peers as a highly trustworthy person who is an important asset to his team.

The 2019 "Team work" award goes to the Information Technology team. The group's collective effort over the past year was manifested in the success of the iManage project and several other IT migrations. The Montréal office IT team is one of a kind – always highly attentive to the dynamic professional environment in which it operates.

The 2019 "Innovation" award goes to the Business Development team. This team is constantly evolving in order to provide strategic advice on client presentations, proposals and business development initiatives.