Welcome to Stikeman Elliott Toronto – you’re going to thrive here!

Students say they feel it the minute they meet us – the sense of energy and dynamism that comes from being part of a team of smart, diverse people who are excited by challenges.

Our flexible student program gives you the freedom to explore different practice areas – and to work on high-profile deals and litigation files for sophisticated clients.

Our robust support system offers all of the personal and professional resources that you’ll need to build a successful long-term career.

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"When I started, my most clear perception of what the lawyers at this firm were like is everyone is very committed to working hard, providing high-quality work and providing innovative solutions to their clients, but they're also willing to have fun."

Christian Vieira

"My articling term has given me the opportunity to not only learn from, but work alongside, some of the best and brightest legal minds in an incredibly dynamic, collegial and supportive environment."

Christian Vieira