Student Experience

A personalized approach

Discover what you do best

Stikeman Elliott’s flexible student program is all about developing your skills. We provide the opportunity to explore areas that interest you so that you can find your passion and make an informed choice about your future area of practice.

We do not impose a formal rotation schedule on our articling and summer students. Instead we will work with you to design a program that offers exposure to all three of our practice areas, or you can also choose to embed yourself in a single practice area.

Work assignments are not funnelled through a central administrator – instead, we believe in giving you the freedom to explore the different practice areas and work on files that specifically interest you. Students and lawyers are encouraged to engage each other as colleagues when requesting work or assistance.

Regardless of which areas you explore during your time as a student at Stikeman Elliott, you will be exposed to a variety of projects and experiences, all of which will contribute to your development as a well-rounded lawyer.

We won’t hold you back

Our belief in the need to continually stretch one’s abilities is so strong that we wrote it into the firm’s core values. Once you’ve reached a goal, you won’t plateau or rest on any laurels. Instead, as you gain experience, there will be challenges that will further develop your skills. Many of our students tell us that our accelerated approach to training has put them ahead of their peers at other firms.

Get the most true-to-life experience of legal practice possible

A solid grounding in legal theory and precedent is certainly critical to your success, but nothing beats hands-on experience. As a student, you will be given real responsibilities for actual client matters.

You will work alongside and learn from senior partners in small team settings. Our students make meaningful contributions to our work, so you will be included in discussions and your opinion will be heard.