Stikeman Elliott essay - What Will Life Be Like on the Other Side of COVID-19

April 4, 2020

As this pandemic crisis unfolds and evolves, it is natural to focus on the complex issues that impact everyday life. A group of Stikeman Elliott partners recently took a step back from the daily challenges arising from this new normal to reflect on how COVID-19 could change the world over the longer term. This collaborative essay, “What Will Life be Like on the Other Side of COVID-19?,” offers a different perspective that focuses on the rapidly developing social and economic trends that are destined to shape our reality – in business, as professionals and in everyday life – over the coming decades.

The essay covers such topics as a changing social contract and the changing nature of work, education, healthcare and other services.

The authors hope that by sharing their thoughts and speculations, some of you will be inclined to share your own. They invite such discussions and look forward to “drilling down” on some of the outlined issues.

See the essay here.