Intellectual Property Rights and the Employer-Employee Relationship: A Canadian Law Q&A

December 18, 2019

Ryan Sheahan, who advises many of our clients on intellectual property matters, recently authored a chapter on IP rights in Canadian employment contexts for a Practical Law publication by Thomson Reuters. Ryan provides an excellent overview of the considerations that arise when defining IP rights within an employment relationship. The following are among the topics that he considers:

  • Advisability of including an IP clause
  • Ownership of inventions
  • Copyright in employee work product
  • Control over trademarks created by an employee
  • Assignment of IP rights
  • Employee obligations and confidentiality issues
  • Moral rights under Canadian law
  • Obligations to compensate employees
  • Conformity of Canadian law with certain international standards in this area
  • Employee’s obligation to assist in employer’s IP litigation

We are pleased to be able to make this 12-page publication available for downloading.

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