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Cannabis Legalization in Canada: Employment Challenges

Patrick Essiminy, partner in the Employment Group, discusses the employment challenges surrounding the upcoming legalization of cannabis in Canada.
(15 minutes, 57 seconds) 


The #MeToo Movement: What it Means for Canadian Employers

Stephanie Weschler, partner in the Employment Group, discusses the #MeToo movement, its impact on Canadian workplaces, and what it means for the country’s employers.
(18 minutes, 5 seconds)




The right to refuse to work for health and safety reasons (available in French only)

Patrick Essiminy and Pierre-Luc Benoit from our Employment and Labour Group discuss how to the right to refuse to work is exercised; the rights and obligations of the worker and the employer, the notions of “danger” and “reasonable grounds” and the powers of a CNESST inspector.
(39 minutes, 57 seconds)

Legal Operations Exchange

Managing Up and Out

Stikeman Elliott hosts Dr. Marie-Hélène Budworth, Associate Professor in the School of Human Resource Management at York University for a presentation and discussion on how to leverage the science of influence to advance business goals.
(1 hour, 7 minutes)


Weed in the Workplace

Now that Canada has legalized cannabis, a number of related issues are top of mind for employers. In this first of three installments of our Employment and Labour Law Year in Review for 2018, Stikeman Elliott's Tamara Ticoll and Allyson Marta discuss new workplace rules, drug testing, and medical marijuana coverage under group benefit plans.
(37 minutes, 5 seconds)


Ontario Employment Law in 2018: Key Themes and Highlights

In the second installment of our Employment and Labour Law Year in Review for 2018, Employment and Labour group members Khalfan Khalfan and Alex Lemoine discuss pay transparency, Bill 148, the latest from the WSIB, AODA compliance and notable decisions from the courts.
(36 minutes, 41 seconds)


Harassment Complaints and #MeToo

In the third and final installment of our Employment and Labour Law Year in Review for 2018, Stikeman Elliott's Nancy Ramalho discusses the impact the #MeToo movement is having on the workplace and some of the ways in which employers may wish to respond.
(25 minutes, 53 seconds)


Blockchain: Determining if a coin or token is a security

Darin Renton, partner in the Financial Products & Services Group, discusses the steps on how securities regulators determine if a coin or token is a security.
(1 minute, 50 seconds)


Blockchain: What are regulators saying?

Ramandeep Grewal, partner in the Corporate Group, touches on what regulators are looking at from a federal level, anti-money laundering concerns, compliance issues and securities regulation. Raman provides guidance on the timing when regulators should be approached.
(2 minutes, 43 seconds)

Blockchain Blockchain: Business Models 

Michael Decicco, associate in the Corporate and Technology Groups, outlines the different business models in the blockchain market.
(1 minute, 16 seconds)